All Hail Dead Tree

The colors are changing in a glorious fashion, and soon snow & pure coldness will blanket the Midwest. I wanted to make a coffee that you could cozy up with, but not get bored of - Introducing my new seasonal roast, Dead Tree. 

Dead Tree is a uniquely-processed Coffee from a family owned farm in Costa Rica called Finca La Pastora. These folks also manage an organic fruit & veggie farm on their land, sounds like quite the life, right? They processed my chosen batch of Coffee using the Honey-processed method. There's not actually any honey involved and it doesn't have any overpowering sweetness, this is a term for leaving some of the Coffee cherry fruit on the beans as they are dried after harvest. Innovative stuff, especially since it makes drying more difficult. 

This coffee will be roasted & shipped 11/1 - Pop on over to this page to snag a bag.