Sweet Cascara Citrus Tea

Need a break from Coffee? We're not here to judge.

Here's a few super duper simple steps for a light & fruity tea. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Cascara Fruit
  • Grab a french press and drop in a solid hand full (about 15 grams) of Cascara cherries. If you bought our Cascara, that's  half the bag. 

  • Cover the Cascara with a generous spritz of fresh Lemon, and throw in the rind if you’re feeling spicy. If you prefer sweeter teas, you can also add a tablespoon of honey and a sprinkle of sugar. 

  • Add a few ounces of hot water and let the cascara soak for about a minute. You’ll see the cherries swell and soften a bit.

  • add the remaining water to your vessel to fill the container. Place on the top of the plunger and press down the mixture so it’s just below the water surface - this will allow more of the water to get at those fruits.

  • Steep the tea for about 8 minutes, plunge, and ENJOY!