The Coolest Thing You Can Do With A Jar

 Photo by Chelsea, our good buddy at Rosy Point of View, who wrote up a sweet blog post on Cold Brew, read it  HERE!

Photo by Chelsea, our good buddy at Rosy Point of View, who wrote up a sweet blog post on Cold Brew, read it HERE!


Cold Brew is much smoother, naturally sweet and less acidic that regular hot-brewed coffee. This is because the water & coffee particles have much more time to 'dance', so all of those gorgeous natural sugars are extracted while the harsh acids and plant materials are left behind. 



You can make Cold Brew using just about any clean container, but getting a fine mesh filter will do wonders for you. If you don't get the below filter, you'll need a cheese cloth or paper filter to sort the coffee grounds from the water after brewing. That can be a messy & time consuming process - so we recommend just getting the filter.

1. Gather Your Gear

Fine Mesh Filter

Fine Mesh Metal Filter

64 oz Mason Jar

Coffee, duh!

2. Clean Up

Thoroughly rise jar & metal filter.

Over time coffee oils and grit can clog up the filter holes, limiting your brew quality. Don't let this happen to you, clean it like you mean it

3. Lock & Load

  • Grind coffee on the coarsest setting possible . If you use coffee that is ground for automatic drip, your brew may turn out pretty sour & sludgey. 
  • Place the fine mesh metal filter into the mason jar, and fill with coffee about 3/4 full. If you have a scale, we recommend a 15:1 Water:coffee ratio (64oz Jar = ~60 Oz Water & 4 Oz Coffee
  • Slowly pour Cold water over the grounds, spin the jar so all of the grounds can be saturated. Depending on how quickly you fill the jar, you may need to pause as you're pouring so the water can filter through. 

  • Cover the jar as tight as you can, and throw it in the fridge for 12-16 hours. The longer the better.

4. Just Chill Out

  • Remove from fridge, slowly pull up filter and place it in the sink to let it drain. 
  • For easy cleaning, lightly flex the filter to free up the grounds then tap it upside down over the trash. Careful not to fling it too much, this part can be messy. 
  • ENJOY you're superb cold brew. Maybe make a cocktail? Why not!