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Are you a bar looking to spice up your menu with a Coffee cocktail? Are you a multi-roaster cafe on the prowl for something new? Are you a restaurant that's testing out a barbecue Coffee rub? The possibilities are endless, and you can be a part of the Coffee fun! 

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Here's Some Nice Things Other Folks Are Saying About Us...


"Tiff and I both agreed... It's Fire. Bold and has a deliciously roasty flav." - Caleb Remington

Old Man Murph's Coffee is an independent Coffee roaster worth trying. Check out this list of other shops/roasters in the Woodstock, IL Area;

"Just placed an office subscription for 5lbs/month. Becca has been nothing but responsive and helpful! She even hand delivered some beans when we got dangerously low!" Allie Yazel, Leading IT Marketing Manager

"Tried their Dead Tree Roast. If Fall had a taste, that'd be it. Highly Recommended. If you like straight up, single origin coffee give them a try. You won't be disappointed." Mark Piekos, President