Get Your Grind On

You're one step closer to Coffee flavor greatness! After skimming this blog post, you should be able to identify each of our Coffee grind levels in checkout, and know which level is best for your preferred brew method. If you have any questions, contact us at

(1) Whole Bean

We highly recommend buying coffee, from any roaster or store, in Whole Bean form. When coffee is ground, it looses it's natural gasses quickly - like within minutes. Those gasses contribute tons of flavor to your brew.. Ground coffee particles oxidize (air is the enemy) more quickly than whole-bean coffee, so when in doubt buy WHOLE BEAN! 

(2) Just Right

Brew Methods: Automatic Drip Machine (like Mr. Coffee), Pour Over 

This "regular" grind level will suit most pour over or automatic brewers. The ground coffee particles will be medium-sized so that the water can extract all of those gorgeous natural sugars & gasses. 

(3) Super Coarse

Brew Methods: Cold Brew, Cowboy Coffee

This is the chunkiest of chunky grinds. When using this level, you'll need to make sure that your coffee is being brewed with plenty of time for the natural sugars to be extracted. We recommend this level for Cold Brew. 

Brew Methods: French Press, Percolator

This grind level is smack dab in the 'middle' of our grind offerings. The ground particles are larger to allow for longer brew times that come with a French Press or Percolator, without the coffee being over-extracted & bitter. 

(4) Coarse

Brew Methods: Chemex, Clever Dripper, Cafe Solo

The brew methods listed above require the coffee grounds and water to 'dance a bit longer'. The grind particles in this setting are chunky, but more fine than our Coarse setting, so that you get a perfect brew every time.

(5) Kind of Coarse

Brew Methods: Espresso, Moka Pot, Turkish

The finest of fine grinds. This is essentially coffee 'dust', to allow for fast brewing like Espresso. The particles are so tiny that water only needs a short time to perfectly extract the coffee's natural sugars & oils .

(6) Super Fine