WHere it all Begins, Trailhead.

Trailhead Old Man Murph's

Over the past few months you've heard us mull over travels, roasting plans, new roasts, new bags, events - but February marks a new beginning for Old Man Murph's Coffee. 

After many weeks & late nights of planning, we took the plunge and bought a gas roaster from Mill City in Minneapolis. Our new baby (name TBD) arrives next month, and we anticipate to be up and running by early Spring. Our roasting will still be small batch and single origin focused, but now with a new roaster we will be able to share more consistent & calculated roasts. That means even more scrumptious beans for you. 

No longer are we fantasizing about events we could do, collaborations we could create, volume we can produce - now all of our dreams of growing Old Man Murph's is a reality. 

Our next roast, which we have deemed 'Trailhead' to fit this turning point in the company, is nothing less than perfect. This Single Origin coffee from Peru is balanced, smooth and robust with notes of chocolate, nut & citrus. We've roasted some interesting, perhaps odd, coffees in the past - but this one is truly a staple. It's simple enough to be a nice everyday coffee, and interesting enough to serve as a treat to help you though your day. 

This is the beginning of something really cool. Please join us in celebrating this exciting time for Old Man Murph's, and share your love on Facebook & Instagram, @OldManMurphsCoffee.

Any feedback, business suggestions & ideas are warmly welcomed as always - oldmanmurphscoffee@gmail.com

Cheers Friends,

Becca & Pauly